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Mowing – Airport Mowing – Airport

From spring to autumn, the green areas must be mowed regularly within the airport premises. For this purpose the large area mowers are particularly suitable in the area of the airfield, which can handle green areas with working area of up to 12m.

For green areas outside the airport you can use mulcher or rotary mowers which depending on the size and performance of the carrier vehicle can be between 1.50m and 3m wide.


  • Dücker – Maschinenfabrik
  • Spearhead Machinery


Sweeping Airport – Products THG AG Sweeping - Airport Sommer

Dust and debris are particularly responsible for the contamination of roads and parking areas at the airports in the summer.

To clean these most effectively you can use vacuum sweeping machines of between 1-9m3.

Front-mounted sweepers can also be used for cleaning purposes.


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  • AEBI - Schmidt