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Aerial ladders

New developments and advancements for Rosenbauer aerial ladders and hydraulic platforms are directly ‘based on our practical experience. We react immediately and consistently to ever-changing operational conditions. Usability for fire fighters is always our main focus. This is one of the reasons why fire departments all over the world rely on Rosenbauer.

Regardless of whether narrow streets, next to parked cars, or in dense urban parks – the scenes where aerial ladder vehicles are deployed differ just as much as the requirements for live loads and functionality. In order to provide rescuers access to previously unreachable scenes, Rosenbauer’s engineers have therefore placed considerable value on flexible set-up options and a compact action radius.

From compact to sky-high

The sophisticated modular system from Metz Technology offers the right product for every application and operational situation fire departments face. The innovative family of aerial ladders starts at a rescue height of 20 meters and extends all the way up to 64 meters. A good vantage point for successful operations.

Aerial ladderL20L27L32L32A-XSL39L40A-XSL44L56L64
Working height21.0 m27.4 m33.2 m32.0 m40.0 m40.0 m43.6 m56.2 m64.0 m
Horizontal reach 1- personnel limit with cage16.0 m22.2 m23.8 m22.4 m21.1 m19.4 m17.0 m22.0 m20.0 m
Maximum cage load450 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg450 kg450 kg450 kg450 kg300 kg
Set-up time58 sec.65 sec.70 sec.70 sec.80 sec.80 sec.88 sec.120 sec.127 sec.
Jacking width2.50 m4.50 m4.85 m4.85 m4.85 m4.85 m4.85 m5.70 m5.70 m
FA/P versionyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Compact designyesyesyesyes

Hydraulic Platform

Rosenbauer hydraulic platforms offer the highest level of safety and reliability. Many years of experience in the field have resulted in innovative products tailored to a variety of rescue operations – whether in small towns or major world cities. Therefore, Rosenbauer also offers many height classes in a variety of designs to be best equipped for any situation.

Equipped with the most modern control system, continuous jacking width detection, a spacious cage with three entry points, and barrier-free access for wheelchair passengers, our flexible municipal vehicles are ready for any everyday challenge. Thanks to rapid movement times, these compact platforms have become an indispensable tool for fire fighting, technical assistance, and rescue operations – for fire departments across the world.

Hydraulic platformB32B36B42B51B55B62B90
Working height32.2 m36.0 m42.2 m51.0 m55.5 m62.0 m90.0 m
Horizontal reach 1-man limit with cage26.5 m32.0 m24.5 m33.0 m30.5 m34.0 m30.0 m
Maximum cage load600 kg630 kg600 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg
Set-up time115 sec.122 sec.130 sec.
Jacking width5.93 m5.93 m5.50 m6.20 m / 8.70 m6.20 m / 8.70 m8.7 m8.0 m
FA versionyesyesyesyesyesyesyes