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The PANTHER from Rosenbauer is one of the most successful, efficient and variable ARFF vehicles of all time worldwide. Its multi-awardwinning design and powerful performance makes it the most modern fire fighting vehicle today. Yet for Rosenbauer, success is no reason to stop, but rather inspiration to be even better. Rosenbauer has continued to develop the PANTHER 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles in order to offer emergency crews even more safety, operating comfort and extinguishing power. The next generation of the PANTHER impresses with new and innovative features, with maximum power, safety and functionality.

The new Panther 6 x 6

  • 700 hp / 750 hp * ▪ 0-80 km / h in 30 sec. / 28 sec. *
  • Maximum speed: 115 km / h / 120 km / h *
  • Pump capacity: up to 9,000 l / min.
  • Maximum authorized weight: 39,000 kg
  • Compliance with airport security requirements, Eg ICAO, NFPA, FAA ▪ Emission standard Euro 5 / Euro 6 ▪ Cabin certified according to ECE R29-3

Panther 8 x 8

  • 1,400 hp; 0-80 km / h in 25 seconds; Maximum speed: 135 km / h
  • 19,000 l extinguishing agent; 500 kg of powder; Pump output: up to 10,000 l / min.
  • Maximum permissible total weight: 52,000 kg; Dimensions: L 13.095 (11.995) x B 3.000 x H 3.650 mm
  • Compliance with the relevant standards, ICAO, NFPA, ADV, CNMSA

Escape stair

The rescue unit with a lot of space and little set-up time. The escape stair is a specially developed operational vehicle for rapid evacuation of aircraft passengers and for safe access of emergency crews such as the fire department, rescue, and emergency medical crews into the aircraft. The step width and depth are chosen so that three people can comfortably dismount side by side. And the steps always remain in a horizontal position, regardless of the angle of inclination of the stairs. The E5000 allows access to over 90% of all aircraft types. Additionally, the E8000 also reaches the upper deck of the A380. In conjunction with the E3000 front platform, small types of aircraft can also be easily served with these escape stairs.

The Rosenbauer special solution for evacuation, rescue, and access.

  • Usage range from 1.0 to 8.3 m (E8000/E3000) or 2.5 to 5,5 m (E5000)
  • All functions can be operated by one person
  • Generous space conditions and horizontal steps regardless of inclination angle of the steps
  • Glare-free lighting concept for the evacuation area
  • Compliance with standards EN 12312-1, EN 1915-1, EN 1915-2, EN 414. EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG , TÜV type testing