Municipal firefighter vehicles

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AT Advanced Technology

The AT range offers solutions for weight classes from 12 to 18 tonnes and for a wide range of applications. The crew cab is integrated into the body. The team has more space and comes safely and comfortably to the place of use. Alternatively, the AT is also available with docking cabin. The AT models present themselves with maximum ease of operation and stand out clearly in functionality and design in the market. The AT is also a pioneer in terms of environmental protection. It fulfills the latest exhaust gas standard EURO 6.

CBS Customized Body System

CL Compact Line

The CL series includes small vehicles up to 12 tonnes. The construction of the CL series is very low. An advantage for underpasses, low fire-brigades and entrance gates. Nevertheless, the vehicle is stable and agile and offers you a maximum space for the crew and equipment. The modular system opens up many possibilities for ergonomic and efficient solutions.