THG AG has concluded a contract with the airport Bukovel (Ukraine) for delivery of six spreaders Stratos B70

THG AG has concluded a contract with the airport Bukovel (Ukraine) for delivery of six spreaders Stratos B70

Bukovel is the largest ski resort in Eastern Europe situated on the ridge-lines of the Carpathian Mountains in western Ukraine.   It is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. The winter road clearance services are thus an important task for the municipality of Bukovel. The municipality of Bukovel decided to purchase the STRATOS spreaders, being the road safety the priority for the city. Stratos sand/ salt spreaders by Schmidt embody maximum versatility combined with a high degree of economic efficiency. Bukovel invested in maximum product safety during the de-icing operations.

Spreaders Stratos B70 convinces with the holistic product concept, incorporating all essential details such as flexible modular design, accurate distribution systems, intelligent control systems as well as highly effective corrosion protection. This results in unique economic performance, which is of growing significance, especially in times of increasingly tighter budgets.

The range of possible applications extends from the private to the municipal area – efficient de-icing operations are guaranteed on streets and squares just as much as on dual carriageways and motorways.

The modular design of the spreaders permits individual configurations that are accurately tailored to the tasks and operating conditions in Bukovel. The combination of hopper, conveyor belt system, pre-wet equipment, distribution system, drive option, demount system and control system offers maximum flexibility.

Spreaders Stratos B70 are the synonym of reliable application of spreading material. Optimised conveyor belt and belt cleaning system results in an increased service life, faster servicing and affordable maintenance.

The use of stainless steel, composite and PE components and the application of powder-coated materials protect the machine. This protection is sure to pay off in terms of a long service life and low maintenance costs.

The delivery, commissioning and hand-over of the spreaders Stratos B70 will take place till the End of 2020.