THG AG has sold 30 N35 normal pressure pumps to LLC «IC POZHMASHINA»

THG AG has sold 30 N35 normal pressure pumps to LLC «IC POZHMASHINA»

THG AG has sold 30 N35 normal pressure pumps and 60 ladder lowering devices from the manufacturer Rosenbauer to LLC «IC POZHMASHINA» (Ukraine).

LLC «IC POZHMASHINA» has been operating since 1928 and is the largest producer of fire fighting vehicles in Ukraine. As part of a long-term program to modernize the fire department park in Ukraine, Poshmashina produces more than 100 municipal fire trucks every year. The high-performance pumps from Rosenbauer have been integrated into the vehicles since 2020. To improve the safety of the fire brigade crews, ladder lowering devices from Rosenbauer have also been used since last year.

Firefighters all over the world trust in the robustness, operational safety and ease of use of the Rosenbauer N-series centrifugal fire-fighting pumps. The normal pressure pump “N” convinces with innovative technology, ergonomic operation and low noise generation.

The N35 pump impresses with:
• Low pressure surges thanks to the flat pump curve
• Integration of various foam proportioning systems
• Highest suction performance and automatic suction
• Pump pressure regulator

Technical data of the pump N35
• Output up to 3,500 l / min at 10 bar
• Certified according to EN1028 FPN 10-3000
• UL classified according to NFPA1901 150-750

With the new N35 pump series, emphasis is placed on user-friendliness and ergonomics. Single-stage normal pressure centrifugal pumps achieve the best possible efficiency through the spatially curved blades of the impeller, the stator and the volute casing.
The N series of pumps offers the optimal solution for every application. Depending on the requirements, the pump is equipped either with manual operation or with a high degree of automation.

The pumps are installed in fire fighting vehicles produced by LLC «IC POZHMASHINA». This significantly increases the quality of the vehicles to be delivered to the Ministry of Civil Protection.

The signed contract for the delivery of 60 normal pressure pumps N35 from Rosenbauer was the first step towards a long-term cooperation with LLC «IC POZHMASHINA» for the following years.